We have all the necessary diagnostic tools on-site for any procedures your pet might require. We can perform ultrasound tests to diagnose medical issues more quickly and effectively thanks to our on-site animal ultrasound scan facilities.

Whether it’s an ultrasound for a dog, cat, or other small animal, Paws in the City has experience doing these procedures and will make sure your pet has a great experience.

Ultrasound Greenford - Paws in the City Ultrasound Greenford

An ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure used to gather real-time imagery of the internal body of a pet. As the imagery is displayed in real-time, the vet can infer the results immediately if they are clear enough.

What can be detected by ultrasound?

An ultrasound can identify a variety of conditions, including:

  • pregnancy and the number of foetuses inside the uterus
  • locating foreign bodies ingested for them to be removed effectively and efficiently
  • cardiac function – the ultrasound waves can be transmitted through, reflected or absorbed by the tissues that they come across
  • whether or not an organ is enlarged, misfunctioning or needs further treatment
  • tumours, cysts and masses, whether they are benign or malignant
  • quality of blood flow through the arteries

The benefits of using ultrasounds:

  • Ultrasounds provide a live view of interior organs with great precision and are most frequently used for pregnant pets and to monitor the health of pups and kittens as they grow
  • It is non-invasive and it requires no medication or anaesthesia, so tends to not distress pets. It is a quick and easy way to gain a clearer insight into what is going on internally, without anesthetising and performing surgery on the pet
  • Ultrasounds are considered to be safe and so can be carried out several times on the same area with no detriment to the pets’ health

Will my pet need to be shaved for the ultrasound?

As ultrasound waves can not pass-through air, the fur in the area to be examined must be shaved so that the probe can make complete contact with the skin. By shaving the pet, we are able to get much higher quality imagery of the area being examined.

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Christmas is a wonderful and happy time, but there are some hazards to your pets that you should stay mindful of. Head to our blog to read more about potential hazards for your animals this Christmas www.pawsinthecityx.com/blog ...

You're invited to our Christmas Paw-ty!

We’ll be celebrating the opening of our surgery at Greenford Quay and spreading a bit of festive cheer, and we’d love for you to join us. Your pets are welcome too!

There will be lots of seasonal treats, prizes, personalised hand engraving and exclusive Christmas shopping.


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Happy 1st December! It’s the season to be kind, giving and grateful as we reflect on the year that has passed.

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What a transformation! The gorgeous little Elvis is feeling all fluffed up after his pamper at @pawsinthecityx!

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A dog’s life! @hippo_thefrenchbulldog loves a pamper and getting lots of attention 🐾

Did you know that short haired breeds benefit from professional grooming too? Look at all of that shedding our groomers were able to remove to keep Hippo’s coat and skin in top condition!

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It's Black Friday! Instead of bombarding you with offers and increasing the pressure to spend this Black Friday, we're going to do things a little different!

Instead, we want to take the time to tell you about Black Dog or Black Cat Syndrome. This is a phenomenon where black animals tend to be overlooked in favour of lighter coloured animals when people are considering which to adopt.

Unfortunately, this means that black animals that end up in shelters are much more likely to be put down instead of adopted.

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A recent study has found that dogs can actually sniff out when you're upset!

The study found that dogs could smell changes in human breath and sweat to identify a change in chemical odours when people feel stressed.

This could be a huge step in training service & therapy dogs, as the tend to mostly respond to visual cues.

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