Here at Paws in the City Ealing we offer microchipping. Whilst it is essential for your pet’s safety, it’s also a legal requirement to ensure that dog and cats are microchipped. Also, chips are crucial since they save all of your pet’s pertinent information. If your pet goes missing, a veterinarian can read the chip and check the animal’s information using a microchip scanner, ensuring that your pet is returned to you.

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A pet microchip is a miniscule computer chip that contains a unique serial number. It is as small as a single grain of rice and can easily be injected around the scruff of the animal’s neck in a speedy and simple procedure.

Micro chips are important as they store all your pet’s relevant details. These details are usually the owner’s name, address, and contact details, along with the pet’s name, age, and description.

If your pet goes missing, a vet can then use a microchip scanner to read the chip and view the animal’s details. The microchip can then act as proof of ownership and ensure the pet is returned to you.

You must remember to keep your pet’s microchip up to date to ensure that you can be easily found if your pet does go for a wander. You can change microchip details if there is a change in address, ownership or contact details. You can do this by contacting the microchipping database that holds the details of your dog chip or cat chip.

If you fail to microchip your pet, you can be fined by local authorities. It also makes it almost impossible to reunite lost pets with their owners, as many times when a pet is missing, they have also lost their ID tag or collar. Having an internal identification means the owner can always be contacted, and avoids them being passed on to a rehoming charity or euthanised.

We offer microchipping services here at Paws in the City. We can implant the microchip in a very straightforward and quick procedure, and then complete the microchip registration process for you.

We can also offer microchipping under anaesthetic if required, so please get in touch to discuss your microchipping appointment.

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