Our pets love us unconditionally, so it’s not surprising that they very quickly become another member of the family. Just as we like to gift presents to our loved ones over the Christmas period, many of us also like to give presents to our furry family members. Studies show that over 95% of people have bought a present for their pet, and we’re amongst them! Many of us now see our pets as our babies and want to spoil them just as much as we would a human family member. In fact, lots of us spend more on our pets than we do on some friends and family members.

As a nation of animal lovers, there are plenty of gift ideas available for your furry loved ones. We want to share some Christmas Gift Guide for your pets so that you can consider what you can buy for the non-human members of your family.

Christmas present ideas for your dog:

Let your pet join in the toasts and celebrations by getting them their very own paw-secco or pet friendly wine. Pawsecco is a non-alchoholic, non-carbonated and grape-free drink that is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It’s a fun way to involve your pet in the day’s celebrations, whilst also providing them with health benefits!

One thing that you can’t go wrong with is new dog toys. Whether you go for the pure fun element, or you go for an enrichment exercise disguised as a toy, buying them a new toy can help to keep them occupied whilst there are so many other things going on during Christmas day. You can get super fun toys such as a Nerf Dog Ball Blaster to launch tennis balls for your dog to chase, whilst saving your shoulder! Enrichment toys also make great Christmas presents for dogs as snuffle mats and interactive dog toys can help to keep your dog entertained whilst providing them with small treats as rewards.

If it has been a while since you’ve upgraded your dog’s bed, then you might want to get them a new bed one this Christmas. There are many types available from super filled and cosy, to memory foam ones that can help with orthopaedic issues. If your dog likes to burrow underneath a blanket when it’s cold to get snug, there are now dog beds available that have a blanket fixed on top for them to nuzzle under!

Christmas gift ideas for your cat

If you want your cat to join in with the countdown to Christmas, you can start the season off with cat nip advent calendar.

If they’ve been scratching away at your furniture or their old scratching post is looking a bit worse for wear, you can get them a new one! Scratching posts help to keep your cats claws in good shape and condition, whilst helping them to exercise and reduce stress. The chaos of Christmas can be stressful for our pets as there may be new people, smells and noises in the house. The scratching post is the perfect gift to give them on Christmas morning, place in a room away from the festivities to allow them to play with it in peace.

There are plenty of toys available for your cats too. Cats love enrichment toys that light up and move around themselves. These types of toys allow them to tune into their predatory instincts and act out their hunting nature on the toys by swatting at them with their paws and trying to catch them.

The Paws Boutique

Here at Paws in the City, we have plenty of gifts available for your four-legged friends. We have a huge variety of treats available for different dietary requirements. We also have plenty of toys, pet beds, scratching posts and other accessories available.

With the new year approaching, many of our pet owners use Christmas as an opportunity to treat their pets to a new walking set for the year ahead. We have full complementary sets including harnesses, leads, collars and poop bags in matching colours.

Head in-store at Paws in the City to shop our collection!

Christmas Day

We suggest giving your pet their gift before unwrapping Christmas presents with the rest of your family. This way you can keep them preoccupied while the rest of your family open their gifts and avoids them getting into trouble with discarded ribbons and wrapping paper.

Don’t forget to hang your pet’s stocking up alongside yours!

Will you be buying your dogs and cats some presents this Christmas? How about treating them to a pet-friendly Christmas dinner?

We recommend sticking to their usual diet as a sudden change in your dog’s food could cause stomach upset for your pet. However, if your pet is at a healthy weight and you want to give them a little treat, you can give them a small amount of the following:

  • Boneless, skinless white meat such as chicken/turkey
  • Boiled carrots, parsnips, cauliflower or sprouts
  • Carrot or swede mash (with no butter, salt or onion)

Read our blog to find out more about which foods are safe and unsafe for your pets to consume.

Christmas at Paws

We’re holding our Christmas Party at Paws in the City, Greenford on the 10th December.

Christmas Paw-ty

Come along to share the festive spirit with our Paws in the City team, with treats and surprises! You can shop in the Paws Boutique for those last minute Christmas gifts with discounts only valid during the event. Your dogs are welcome to attend too (but we don’t recommend bringing your cat)!

Supporting charities this Christmas – StreetVet

We’re supporting StreetVet this Christmas time with our specially designed Christmas cards. We will donate £1 to StreetVet for every one of our Paws in the City Christmas cards that is purchased.

StreetVet is an award winning registered charity that works to deliver free veterinary care and services to the pets of people who are experiencing homelessness in the UK. We work together with StreetVet all year round to provide these services at Paws in the City. However, we will be providing additional support this Christmas through the sale of our Christmas cards.

You can find out more about StreetVet and how you can support them directly.

Follow our Instagram for updates and festive giveaways through December! @PawsintheCityx.

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