We’ve had quite a few pet grooming conversations with London pet owners over the years, and we noticed it’s best to always get one question out of the way: “Should I groom my dog myself?”

Grooming is important for all dog breeds and essential to some. And while you can do it on your own, we must urge you to do the proper research should you opt for the DIY approach.

With that said, let’s see how hiring a professional can be better for your pet, you, and even your wallet.

Grooming is more detrimental to your pet’s health than you might think

If you think grooming is just about getting your dog a bath to smell better, we must say you’re in for a surprise.

Overgrown, matted hair can reduce blood flow and cause pain. It can lead to heat stress too. For some breeds, overgrown hair restricts vision, leading to behavioural changes and making the dog more anxious.

Nails, if overgrown, can cause severe pain. In extreme cases, they damage the paw pads and leave the dog open for infection. On top of that, parasites can be fatal, and poor teeth hygiene can lead to heart issues.

Poor hygiene and lack of proper grooming can lead to life-threatening situations. We can’t stress it enough – don’t neglect your pet, please!

Less stress for your pet

It might seem counter-intuitive that getting someone else to handle your dog is less stressful for the little one instead of you, the owner, doing it.

But, what you should know is that grooming is often a stressful experience for the dog. And much like with humans, having a professional lead you through the stress is often better than someone unqualified doing it.

A good groomer knows how to approach an anxious animal, make it feel comfortable, use the right tools, and have them readily available in the first place.

A pro tip: Leaving the room during grooming can be better for your pet – not to mention the groomer. The dog might get an urge to run and get close to you, only making matters complicated.

It’s good for the dog’s social behaviour. Vet visits become easier

The social aspect is another factor to take into consideration. Your dog should get used to being handled, not just by you, but by other people, namely the professionals.

If you opt for a vet centre that also offers grooming services, the dog will get used to the location, its scent, and people, resulting in less anxiety when a visit to the vet is needed. Vet visits are often stressful for dogs, and this can help.

While we’re on this subject, we should point out that you should get your dog used to being handled from the very first months. If you want to start with professional grooming from the get-go, that’s a valid option as well.

It’s safer for everyone involved

As noted, the pro groomers have the proper tools. But they also have the skillset. You are looking at properly trained individuals who’ve done their job many times over.

Dog owners mean well, of course, but it’s no rare occurrence that an owner cuts the animal’s nails too much using dog clippers, drawing blood. Using human products like shampoo and toothpaste is another common mistake, and so is washing the dog’s ear canals, which can lead to infection.

And it’s not just about the dog’s safety, either. Being impatient with an anxious dog can lead to the animal stressing out. It is not good for its well-being and can even cause the dog to bite or full-on attack in extreme cases.

If you opt to handle the grooming yourself, do not just jump into it. Do your research, for everyone’s sake.

It saves money and pain in the long run

We just discussed how untrained dog owners could unwittingly cause pain to their pets while attempting grooming. And yes, those things are avoided when someone trained handles the process. But there’s more to it.

Like we said, professional dog grooming is more than just cosmetics; it’s somewhat of a check-up every time.

For example, grass seeds are hard to detect if you don’t know what to look for and, if left untreated, can cause infection. In extreme cases, some animals have lost an eye because of it.

Ticks and other parasites are also good examples. They are not easy to detect, especially in the early stages. And similar goes for dental diseases.

These are just some of the issues that groomers routinely check. Having such issues detected and treated from the get-go will save your pet pain while also saving you from the high costs of later treatment. We are talking about as much as 30 times higher costs for vet treatments caused by a lack of regular, affordable grooming.

It saves more time than you think

If you just dive into grooming your pet without preparation, chances are something will go wrong. The dog will make a mess that you will have to clean up, or it will resist and make things difficult, causing stress and wasting your precious time.

Furthermore, visiting a groomer will give you direct input on how things are done right. Don’t be shy to ask a few questions, either. It will educate you and save time from doing the research on your own.

Your dog will look (and feel) amazing!

We’ve shied away from the cosmetic part throughout this guide, but it needs to be said: professional grooming will make your dog shine. It will be healthier and look great; free of parasites, with gorgeous hair, no bad breath, no gnarly overgrown nails. It is something every dog owner in the UK and around the globe wants for their beloved pet.

We hope this rundown was helpful! We did our best to showcase some of the reasons why we added grooming to our list of services. If you are searching for dog grooming in Ealing, West London, don’t hesitate and contact Paws in the City by calling 02045 199 857 or email at greenford@pawsinthecityx.com to speak to a vet in Greenford Quays and at ealing@pawsinthecityx.com in Dickens Yard, Ealing. Stay safe!

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